Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery Kathina Ceremony









October 2017

Dear friends,

Nearly 50 people gathered from near and far to celebrate Aloka Vihara’s first Kathina Ceremony this past Sunday. It was a beautiful, clear fall day and many old and new friends joined us for this joyful gathering. The Aloka Vihara nuns showed guests the newly completed renovations of the nuns’ quarters and Leo (the young son of two long-time monastery supporters) led us all in offering the rice pindapata.

The monastic communities of Dhammadharini and Karuna Buddhist Vihara joined us again this year and six bhikkhunis, two samaneris and one anagarika were present for the ceremony.

Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery Kathina cloth
Ayya Ahimsa sewing the Kathina robe.
You can see more photos from the day here. 

The money raised in this year’s Kathina Ceremony will provide for the basic requisites of the Aloka Vihara nuns, allowing for the continued growth and flourishing of this vital Dhamma community. As of today, over $16,000 has been donated! People donated many items from Aloka Vihara’s wish list as well, including an iron, bolt cutters and much more.Anumodana is a traditional Buddhist way of saying that we rejoice in your goodness and hope that it is a source of great peace, happiness and liberation for you! With very grateful hearts, we offer an anumodana to all of you.

It’s not too late! If you would still like to make a donation for the Kathina Ceremony, you can do so here.

with much gratitude,
Susan & Julie and the Friends of Aloka Vihara