Julie DeHart & Susan Ford will be “offering the cloth” and their services to organize the 2017 Kathina Ceremony at Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery.

The ceremony will be held at Aloka Vihara on Sunday, Ocotber 22, 2017.

The Kathina Ceremony is a unique opportunity for us as laypeople to reflect deeply on the interdependent relationship between the monastic and lay communities and to follow that reflection into action. Just as the monastics dedicate themselves to sharing the teachings with us both in word and through their way of life, we lay practitioners have the opportunity to offer what it takes to help the Bhikkhuni Sangha thrive.

A Kathina Ceremony is a traditional Buddhist ceremony in which the lay and monastic communities gather so that the lay community can express their support and gratitude by making formal offerings of financial and material support to the monastics. We look forward to spending time on the land and with each other, celebrating the continued development of Aloka Vihara.

Please check our Q&A page for a schedule of the day and other information about the event.